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Skin sensitivity?

I am only 3-4 weeks along and went to the pool a few days ago and felt so uncomfortable being in the sun, like EXTRA sensitive. I usually tan really easily and can sit by the pool for hours, but I had to leave after 45 min. Anyone else really sensitive in the sun/heat?

Re: Skin sensitivity?

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    I know you can get really dehydrated quickly so if you're sitting in the sun you need to have a water bottle with you but I'm not sure that it'll make you more sensitive to the sun (especially this early) but it's entirely possible. I guess if your skin dried out faster than usual it would lead to some discomfort.
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    I've read that preggo skin burns much easier than non-preggo, and that we should all be using more sunscreen than we used to.  I am fair and can burn, so this summer I'm going to be extra vigilant about the sun.

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    Yes, your skin is more sensitive. Last weekend at the beach I applied sunblock twice and my back still got burnt. Not fun. And I felt like mom of the year.
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