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I had a c-section with my previous pregnancy and would love to deliver vaginally.  I gave birth to my son in a different part of Virginia so I am starting with a new OBGYN up here.  I really like her, but she delivers out of Sibley.  I know it's a great hospital, but I'm a little on the fence about potentially getting into DC during rush hour and it is my understanding private rooms cost extra!

Long story short, though I like my OBGBYN, I am still looking to speak with others in the area.  In particular, if someone has experience with a supportive VBAC doc I would love recs.


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  • I don't have any recs for Dr's in your area, but you are right about sibley charging extra for a single room.  I think it's like $400.
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  • congrats on your new pregnancy! and best of luck with your vbac! i had one in 2010 and it was wonderful.

    are you in touch with the local ICAN group? www.ican-online.org, search for northern virginia chapter. reach out to the chapter leaders as well for a list of vbac friendly practices. 

    as you make your way through this journey, you may also find that providers often tell you they are supportive, but then do things like set an arbitrary deadline for your pregnancy, often at 40 weeks, then "require" you to have a RCS at that time. Jenn and Allison (NoVA ICAN chapter leaders) can help you sort out the red flags.

    dr. tchabo at Virginia Hospital Center is wonderful, but he is moving closer to retirement and less available for births/appointments. from what i understand, his newer colleagues are not as mother/baby-friendly as he.  


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  • Thanks so much!  I will look into those resources.  I had heard of Dr. Tchabo, but that is good to know.  At this point I am more and more wary of practices where you aren't assured your own doctor will do the delivery!
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