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Childcare for 2

I recently started back to work and have DS1 in daycare and DS2 with a sitter while I am at work.  In the fall, my childcare situation will change and I may have to have a sitter watch both DS1 and DS2.  I am worried though as DS2 is usually held for his naps by the sitter as he usually nurses to sleep with me.  She is fine doing that, but I'm not sure how she will handle things with both boys.  

I am contemplating either changing my work schedule so the sitter only has to watch DS2 or possibly moving DS1's daycare as they aren't very flexible with times.  I love the daycare though and DS1 already has friends there.  

The other thought I had was just doing some sleep training with DS2, via Sleep Lady Shuffle when he is 9 months so the sitter can just put him down for naps.  But I feel very bad about doing this as I didn't do this with DS1 was almost 2.

Am I overthinking this or what seems to be the best choice?  Should I trust that my sitter will adapt?  She's a mom of 2 and has been with us for over 5 months.  Or any other better suggestions?  TIA! 

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Re: Childcare for 2

  • What do you do when you're home with both of them? Do you hold the baby for naps while caring for the toddler? If so, I'm impressed. If not, what tips could you give the sitter. I say that if you can do it she can do it, and if you can't... well then I'm confused about how your life works. 

    I would hate to pay for two childcares when one would do. I'd much rather have both kids with the sitter.  

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  • I regularly hold a sleeping DD2 whilst caring for DD1. But it's not easy, nor is it an every day thing, just a "she's really fussy and won't let me put her down" kind of thing.

    I'm not sure I'd feel ok expecting someone else to do this. Nor would I feel like DD2 was getting the best sleep, or DD1 was getting the best attention if it was everyday for all naps. 

    It is amazing what you learn to do one-handed. And there are things you can do to help. Like make lunch earlier in the day so that if the oldest needs lunch when the youngest is sleeping, you can just hand them a plate.

    Is your eldest good at playing independently, or does he get demanding and want attention when DS2 is being rocked? Things like that can make a difference as to how manageable it is. 

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  • jshfjshf member

    I can either nurse DS2 to sleep on our floor bed or will hold him or wear him for naps.  DS1 is sometimes independent, but other times very needy.  He always wants to be held and carried.  I'll make enough to cover childcare for now and am hoping when DS2 is a little older, I can put him in daycare too and will actually have a little leftover.  

    I just worry that with DS1 demanding so much attention, that DS2 will be crying a lot more and just left alone more if the sitter has to watch them both.  I know that with myself, I do take longer to respond to DS2 because of DS1, whereas, when I just had DS1, I responded immediately.   

    I just feel like DS2 gets the short end of the stick because of DS1.  I feel bad enough that I am going back to work when he is 5.5 months, when I waited until DS1 was 18 months.  So I guess I am suffering from mommy guilt more than anything.

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  • well then I'm confused about how your life works. 




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