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How did y'all handle mutual friends? Today, Im feeling like I want to isolate myself from all mutual friends and acquaintances. Did you try to maintain relationships? Or did you end them?

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  • I ended the ones that seemed to "pick sides" and kept the ones that still want to be friends. I don't have a lot of them since the ex tried to throw me under the bus with all of them...the true friends that could see thru his bullshit are still friends...the others are gone and it is probably for the best.


  • That's more or less what happened here. He told a bunch of half truths and lies. Called me money hungry, implied I was terminating my pregnancy (obviously I didn't), accused me of cheating, tried to enlist help in getting custody...

    I kept a few friends, but I have one I think is spying. Should I trust my instincts and end the friendship? He's not exactly my favorite person, anyway. He's a bit of a DB. 

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  • I cut pretty much all of them off right away, We didnt share too many friends but I couldnt handle hearing about his fun carefree life. We have a couple of mutual friends that cut him off for what he did. 
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  • The ones I cut seemed to be more "moles" for him than friends to me.  Funny you mention this...I just did a FB purge the other night.  I don't FB much, but I have a very strick rule of only be FB friends with people I am really friends with.  There were a few that I don't really talk to anymore, mostly because they still talk to "him", and I got the feeling they just kept me as a FB friend to stalk for him, so I axed them.  God that feels good.  Let me tell you. 
  • We have a few mutual friends. We pretty much have an understanding that we do not talk about my ex in general. Perhaps 5% of the conversations include the topic of my ex. Usually they see I'm upset and listen while I vent. They don't try to fix it, they just listen and support. If I doubt their intentions of friendship, I drop them as a friend.

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