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My biggness rant...

I just looked at my 20 week preggo picture and I was not even showing really. I look at my belly now, and woah!  I swear in just the last two weeks it has exploded. I feel like I should be almost done, yet I have about 11 weeks left. UGH...  I feel a lot bigger at this point in my pregnancy than any of my other three for sure. Can't breath, cant eat a full meal, charlie horses every night, and now the weight seems to be packing on. :( I even went for a longer walk today but I came home feeling more exhausted than ever.

Can it be September yet? Sorry to complain, I am truly happy & blessed to have a healthy baby, but man it can be so hard some days.

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Re: My biggness rant...

  • I am so happy you feel this way too! Up to now has been a dream. No complaints except the constipation. But this week I feel huge and can't do anything about it bc I have no energy.
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  • 28w4d here and I feel exacty the same way! I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror this morning and went "What happened?!" I look BIG. And I feel gross and super full after I eat a meal. I'm sticking to smaller snack type of meals because of it.
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  • I love your honesty.


    My cankles hurt.  


    I am not enjoying pregnancy, but I am extremely grateful for it.  


    When you say 11 weeks left that doesn't sound horrible...getting down there. ;-) 

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  • I'm totally with you!  Add in 100 degree weather, and I'm already moving in slow motion.  September seems so far away :(
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  • I agree 100%.  #3 seems to be HUGE compared to my other two.  Kinda nervous about how things are going to go down in Sept!
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  • I don't have any previous pregnancies to compare it to, but pregnancy has definitely taken a resounding turn for the worse over the past week or so. I couldn't wait for Baby Kyle to enter the world before, but now I REALLY can't wait for him to just be here.

  • I think that I am actually smaller at this point than I was with my last pregnancy, but the pressure and level of discomfort is off the charts! I did not feel this bad until 34+ weeks. Idk if its the heat, or the fact that this baby is carrying lower, or that I am chasing a toddler around. 
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  • I so feel you on wishing it was September!  I am so thankful for my healthy LO but this healthy LO seems to make a pretty miserable Momma! Hang in there, misery loves company so we are not alone!
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