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Single Parent High/Low

We're all in varying states of single parenthood and varying lengths as one. What would you say the high point of your week has been? What's the low? 

My low is I can't get DS to sleep in his crib. He sleeps in his PNP, car seat, bouncer and on my chest. But, put him in the crib, and he's awake in 10 minutes. I end up just letting him sleep on my chest so I get a few hours. I co-bedded with DD, but my bed is too soft this time. I'm worried about SIDS for more than the first time. 

My high happens tomorrow. DD has been in at Summer Leadership School for ROTC all week. I haven't heard from her since she kissed me good bye Monday morning. I get to watch her Pass and Review (parade) tomorrow and pick her up. Then I get her for a WHOLE week, including when she turns sweet 16, before sending her off to work at girl scout camp for the rest of the summer. 

Re: Single Parent High/Low

  • HIGH: Seeing my DS1 and DS2 playing with friends last night and loving every minute of it.

    LOW: My DS1 (7 years old) had field day on Monday and an end of the year party on Tuesday. I hated that I could only attend one of the days. As a single working parent, I could not take off two days in a row for 2-3 hours at a time. I attended the party because it would be more obvious if I was not at that activity and we did have a great time!

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  • High: The little one and I got to go out and be social last night, for the first time in, well, I don't know the last time.  It was so much fun, she had a blast (no other kids for her, but she still had fun).  It was almost a Low...she didn't take her afternoon nap at daycare, and she is just a cranky mess when that happens...but she power napped it for like 10 mins on the ride over and was ready to roll.  It was so nice to be out and be social, she is such a good girl and so social.  Such a pleasent little girl to be with. 

    Low: I had do major grocery shopping this week and the STBX stopped paying support last week, so it was a little tight.  But I do plan ahead and always plan to live without that money and look at it as a bonus, so I was able to make do, just have to be careful the next few weeks. 

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  • High: Nausea has stopped for the most part. Low: Now and than I miss (for lack of a better term) my baby daddy. He treated me awful as soon as he found out I was pregnant. Like Dr. jekyll and mr hyde. He was the best boyfriend before that. His father and him tried to get me to have an abortion so I wouldnt ruin his career (he is a medical student). I refused and he left. Still in shock even though its been over 2 months since he left.

  • High: DS and I had some quality time (just him and I) at the pool today. I LOVED it. We both had a blast.


    Low: Found out from daycare this week that he is "a hitter"


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  • High: Another week of being able to pay my bills, buy a couple new toys for my LO and watching her pull herself up on everything. and the MAJOR one, divorce papers are filed :)

    Low: Phone calls from collection agency because my STBXH didnt pay soemthing. Its already been reported to my credit :(

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  • imagetifanico:

    High: DD telling me that she wanted to be like me because Im really pretty.

    Low: DD telling me how ugly and mean I am lol.  

    Lol!!! They crack me up. Once, we were at Six Flags and DD was reading a plaque that said the train had been in service since 1867 and went, "Hey!!! That's only 10 years before you were born, Mom!" Everyone laughed and one lady went, "For 124, you loom great!" 

  • Low: I got a "call" from his father (not really involved from the beginning but since Jude has been born he's been kind of trying) but when I answered, I j ust heard some girl talking in the background which was super wierd. And I saw on facebook he got fired from his job, which means he will probably not be holding up to his end of our deal for him to pay half of daycare. awesome.

    High: Friday was super productive and fun day (my day off), we went to starbucks, walked around the town center, got some new nursing bras at motherhood, went grocery shopping at Whole Foods (yay!), made a healthy lunch, played, went for a walk in the evening and DS was so happy and smiley and laughing all day!!! He is so sweet, so so so much fun

    Put the high last so end on a positive :)

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