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I'm not sure where to ask this...

here, or Multiples, or BF. 

I have 7 week old twins who were born at 33 weeks.  They have been home for a couple weeks, and im trying to breastfeed.  I still use niplle shields. One twin does ok latching, the other is ok. 

Once one of the boys starts eating, he can be on there for an hour.  He sometimes falls asleep, or stops sucking, or uses my nipple as a pacifier.  Ive tried to nurse in just a diaper, to burp him, etc to encourage eating.

But am i expecting too much? They eat 3.5-4 ounces of formula or pumped milk every 3-5 hours.  I dont pump that much, so i dont think thy get enough when just breastfeeding.  I cant keep bf, then bottle feeding, then pumping.  its exhausting. They are gaining weight but i think its due to the amount of formula they get.

How long do your preemies nurse for?  Do you supplement? or pump after? Do you switch breasts at some point in the feeding?

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