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The Joovy stroller

Does anyone have one?  I just ordered one for our cruise in August and wanted to get some opinions. 

Unfortunately they don't carry them in the store so i could try it out.  From what the salesmen told me, it's similar to The Mama's and Papa's.  Lightweight with a large umbrella which is what I was looking for.

Re: The Joovy stroller

  • Which one did you order? I briefly looked at their umbrellas, but I didn't like them as much as the M&P, the Smart, or the Maclarens. For me, ultimately I found the wheels all too small to deal with and ended up with the Smart. I still really liked the M&P, but if I bought it I would have just gone for the Sola, the fold on that one was really compact, but still had the mid sized wheels.

    Good choice though for staying away from the Quinny Zapp, I had more dislikes about that stroller than likes. That's what my Smart was replacing.

  • I ordered the Joovy Kooper mainly because of the umbrella coverage, lighter in weight for carrying, the fold is compact, it has a basket on the bottom and the total capacity is 50lbs vs 33lbs on the M&P's.

    Oh, yeah and I purchased and organizer to keep my phone, wallet, extra bottles of water and I purchased two side slings (one for each side) to carry diapers, wipes, bottles...

    The order is expected to arrive  Monday so I'll give my review on it after that.

    Sad, but I've gotten to the point where I'm excited to receive things like strollers, back packs and organizers in the mail. Oh yeah and i'm waiting on his step two push along to arrive.

    Mommy life.

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