What age for Easy Bake Oven?

I am trying to get my Christmas list together and I was thinking of getting an easy bake oven for my niece.  She is 5.  When Iooked at them on-line it says for 8 +.  So now I'm not too sure.

 Any other ideas for a 5yo girl?



Re: What age for Easy Bake Oven?

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    26.  What?  I never had one as a kid and want one now!  LOL ;)

    Seriously though I think 5 would be fine.  I'm considering getting one for N.  He LOVES helping me bake already.

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    I doubt a 5 year old is going to be using it alone, so I would think it would be fine.  I am pretty sure i had one at that age, and my mom baked with me.

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    I think those recommended ages are crap once the kids get older than baby/put everything in my mouth stage.  I think an EBO is a great idea for a 5 yo!
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    Thanks, I thought so too.  She loves to bake with my mom and it is only a light bulb, plus as somone said she will not be using it alone.  I saw 8 and thought really?? 

     And at 26 why not get one?! LOL 

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    My niece is 5 and she has one and uses it just fine.
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    We got one for my niece for her 6th b day and she loves it!  There's a Disney princess one for ages 3+ but I'm not sure of the difference.
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