1st Trimester

Craving salty anything!

I don't remember this my first go around.....anyone else?!


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Re: Craving salty anything!

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    It is crazy how different this pregnancy is different then my last one. I craved salt with my ds. This time its sweets. All I want is a cheesecake.

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    Chex mix, crackers, chips, yep, salty carbs.
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    Reyka9Reyka9 member

    Absolutely, I can't get enough of the crappy salty fried stuff!

    I feel so gross afterward, but it feels sooooo good when I'm eating it!  Haha! 

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    Anything salty, bacon, chips (Lays to be exact), peanut butter crackers.  The ultimate, bacon,egg,cheese sandwich. 
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    I have always put salt on everything, but now it gets an extra dash.. I have been craving home grown tomatoes (with salt) today, so I left work and went to the farmers market!! they were delicious!!!!

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    Yes!  Last time it was sweets, this time salty.  The 'old wives tale' is if you are craving sweets it's a girl, salty it's a boy :)
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