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Where I live I don't have a lot of friends anymore (ex sort of ran all of them off) and either way, the ones I did have, don't have children (and no offense, but people without children just don't get it).  I would really like to meet other people with children (single parents or not, doesn't matter) to have playdates, etc.

I tried the website  Unfortuantly, that was an epic fail.  All of the meet ups were during the day during the, I work so we can you know, do things like eat, and pay rent.  And there was only one for me to choose from, the rest were very specific to your neighborhood or they were for baby wearers or whatever.  So, back to the drawing board.

Has anyone else been down this path?  Any suggestions?  What worked for you?  It would just be nice to have some others for little lady to play with and it would be nice to have other parents to talk too.     


Re: Playdates

  • I love to take my daughter to the park or to local events. Its a good way to meet other parents and for your lo to meet other children. I work full time so I know its hard to find things to do that are not in the middle of the week. My daughter is in gymnastics on the weekends and there is a little girl that wants to do a playdate with my daughter so her parents and me are trying to figure out what to do.

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  • Yes check your local library website.  Most of the storytimes are during the week but some may be on weekends.  I also work fulltime so I check the website and maybe 1-2 times a month there is storytime for LO on a saturday morning.  I love seeing her interact with the other kids.

    I am lucky enough to have a few friends with young kids so Lo is around others alot and I have people to turn to.  I also suggest visitng your local parks on the weekends.

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  • I will keep the library idea in mind, thanks.  I hadn't really thought of that one, mainly because she is just now kind of old enough to really go do that (11 and half months) She does love to sit down and read a book, so it might be a great place to go. 

    I think the worst part of the group was I was like a weird odd person because I worked.  Um, dude, how else do you think I pay the bills?  Really??  I have enough working mommy guilt, don't even try to make it worse.

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