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Survived the 2nd Visit!!

My hormones have leveled off. Much easier to deal with the visit. He was a little cranky, so I went didn't even give SD an option. I just grabbed LO and went into the other room. He wanted mommy, so I coaxed him to sleep and hande him back. At 7:05, I walked over and grabbed LO and his dad left. 
Go me!!! 

Re: Survived the 2nd Visit!!

  • I've always said I've wanted him involved. That hasn't changed just because he started trying to control and bully me. We have at least 18 mos before paternity is established, then custody, visitation, etc.  Hopefully, by then, I'll be a lot less hostile. I don't think we can ever be friends again. But, at least amicable. Which is what I wanted to begin with. There's no reason two people can't raise a child apart. But, his dream is a big house, a big family, and a doormat wife. That's not me. I LIKE being self sufficient. So...I guess I ruined his whole life. He just decided if he couldn't have what he wanted... me and the baby... then I couldn't have the baby, and he would. 
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