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Just curious....

Are you able to tell what position your baby is in by his/her movements?

I'm 25 weeks right now and the majority of the hard movements are down towards my pelvic bone and I get little movement on my right side underneth my ribs.  I'm assuming that the harder movements would be kicks meaning she's currently head up! Does this sound right?

Re: Just curious....

  • I agree with your logic. Sometimes I can tell, sometimes I can' just varies. I think she changes position a lot. I praise her when I think she is head down. ;)

    She is almost always on my right side, though!

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  • I asked my doctor about this at my last appointment, since LO's movements are ALL over the place.  she said the babies are typically still moving a LOT until 32ish weeks, when they start getting into head-down position for birth. 

    sometimes I swear the baby is kicking my cervix, then other times I get such painful jabs to the ribs that I know its feet not hands, so I'm pretty sure baby is just moving a lot still.

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  • Nope, I'm terrible about that.  When I was pregnant with DD, she had what I thought was her head wedged in my right ribs for the last 2 months.  I had an ultrasound around 34ish weeks that showed it was her butt wedged in my ribs.  lol 

    Although with her all I ever felt were kicks/punches.  With this guy, I swear he's constantly doing summersaults.  I rarely feel kicks/punches, all I ever feel is rolling movements.  So I know he's still flipping around in there.

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  • I'm carrying pretty low.  I'll occasionally feel him moving around mid belly and just a bit above my belly button...more off to the side.  But no higher than that.  Most of the movements I feel are still down low.  I'm guessing he's still transverse.   
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  • mo1012mo1012 member
    My baby girl always lays low. She usually kicks on the left side of my stomach.
  • Manx4Manx4 member
    This LO has been head down each time I go in for a visit so I think it's safe to say he's staying that way.  *Knocks on wood* I get some hard movement down there too and it's his head or fists knocking around
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