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Anyone deliver at Banner Thunderbird? I delivered my DS at Scottsdale Shea, but it just too far away this time around. Does anyone know how they compare? Did you have a good experience at Thunderbird?

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  • I'm 25 weeks pregnant so I haven't delivered yet however a friend of mine just delivered her baby last week and she said over all she was impressed with the quality of the hospital but the staff could have been more caring with her and her infant.  They made her wait longer than needed when admitted while in labor and filling out paper work.  When she asked to check the temperature of her new born because he felt cold, the nurse was nice to her face but when she left the room her sister heard the nurse complain that she dared ask to check the baby's temp.  The nurse's snide comment was unnecessary.  Other than that I hear the food is great and the room is comfortable.  Be sure to do a tour and see for yourself.

    Over all I've been doing research too on hospitals to give birth.  I'm willing to travel far for a good hospital.  Thus far I have heard good things and not so good experience with this hospital but mostly its been all good.  According to most reviews, it looks like one of the better hospitals to give birth but the kindness of staff is hit or miss.  Please keep me posted as well as to which ones you are deciding.  I need some help too.  Thanks.

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  • I have already taken the tour. I am pretty sure that is where we plan to deliver. I was very happy with Scottsdale Shea. The nursing staff was great and the rooms were very large. I think I was spoiled the first time around. The rooms at Thunderbird are smaller compared to Shea. 
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  • I will be delivering at Banner Tbird because thats where my Dr will be at :) Ive heard nothing but great things about the place so I am excited about it. I have a friend that went to Scottsdale Shae and she had a good experience there with both DDs.
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  • I've heard great things about thunderbird,, I know lots of ladies who have delivered there and were very pleased.... I have delivered both at St Joe's  on 3st and thomas and at babtist on 19th and bethany home..... I delivered my first at st joes and was not impressed at all... the doctors and nurses were great and the provisions they supply were fantastic, but it is an education hospital and there are lots of "in training" nurses  and for me, being my first and not knowing what to expect, it was hard to have students all up in my "buisness"  still learning themselves, it was awkward at times and I didnt really like it and everything seemed so caotic.....

      Now, my second son was born at babtist and it was such a quiet delivery, the room was huge and gorgeous, everything was calm and amazing, the nurses had very calm dispositions, it was a quiet, amazing experience and it was 500% better than my first.....   I will be going back to babtist this time..... the only drawback to babtist is they dont have as many "on hand" provisions  like st. Joe's did,,, but that is probably because Joe's is so much bigger and probably has more financial support from the govt since its an education hospital.

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  • I delivered all three of my kids at Thunderbird.  I had terrific experiences all three times.  This third time was the best, though - I wanted to stay longer, but they kicked me out after 3 days! LOL!
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  • KadyraKadyra member

    I'm trying to decide between Tbird and Arrowhead. I'll decide after I take my tour of Tbird. A good friend had her twins and her third baby there and liked it.  She also works in their ER. 

    St Joes does not get a lot of money from the government. Medicare provides about $18k per resident for their salary and there it ends. It is a private not for profit Catholic hospital run by the church. Anything extra a unit has comes from private donations. It's why Barrows is so nice and L&D is not so pretty. When you have donations from the likes of Mohammed Ali and the royal family of Saudi Arabia, your unit tends to be fancier than most. The reason SJH is big is because it's a teaching hospital and therefore has to meet certain acuity requirements for resident and nursing education. I used to be a resident there and DS was born there. Perhaps I was spoiled because they all knew me but I didn't find the nursing students or residents intrusive. They are learning how to properly care for each type of patient. Without this training, you wouldn't have a competent ob or nurse since they all went through it.  

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  • Sorry to say I had a horrible time there.I had two of my five there and will never go back.  Your post delivery rooms are on a tower so you hear the nurses all night long. Also the nurses are horrible. One claimed I was not in labor, 2 hours later I come back with my son. She only  kept me because I insisted. (I know that I go from 4cm to fully dilated in 1/2 hour)

    My last two were born at Arrowhead. If I knew what I know now I would have had all of my kids there! The nurses are fantastic and the food is great.As for the facilities they are great. I was made so comfortable by the staff that I didn't want to leave.

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  • I have to say that I am a little partial to Shea as I have worked at the hospital for the past 10 years. I will be delivering in November and I would not go anywhere else. My step-sister delivered at Thunderbird and was not impressed with the service. Shea is picky with how quiet the area is but I have to say that the rooms are bigger and the nursing staff is great towards the couple and newborn.
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