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Pesky- Help please?

Hi there! Long time no see!

Jace has had multiple ear infections lately and doesn't seem to be responding to antibiotics. Yesterday, they put him on Suprax so hopefully it will help. Anyway, took him to the ENT today who said his tubes are still in his ears but are falling out- basically useless. He has recommended a second set of tubes (which I am fine with) and an adenoidectomy (this one, I don't quite get).

Did either of your two have an adenoidectomy? He didn't do an x-ray to confirm they were enlarged or anything. He just said it's his standard protocol to perform this while inserting a second set of tubes. Does our ENT say the same?

I am just kind of stressed. I know it's common- I just don't fully get why. I've googled but still am not sold.

Thanks so much! 

Re: Pesky- Help please?

  • steverstever member

    Hiiiiiiii Jen!!!!

    Sorry to butt in but I can speak from experience - M's ears are fine, but mine were a mess when I was a kid. I had constant infections, and even a burst eardrum, when I was wee. When I was 9 they put tubes in and did a tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy - not because of infection or swelling but because my hearing was impaired.

    This doesn't really answer your question, but it's nothing new.

  • Butting in...when we met with the peds ENT for DD's tube eval, they told us up front that if her tubes fell out or dislodged and she was still having infections that they would do a second set of tubes and probably an adenoidectomy, so that's right along what we were told to expect.  I think it's even more common if they've grown a lot since the first tubes were inserted since growth is one of the primary things that causes the tubes to be dislodged - or at least that's what we were told.  GL!
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  • Thank you both so much. It's great to see you!

    I am feeling a lot better now. I spoke with Jace's other two doctors (allergist and pediatrician) and they both wholeheartedly agree in the adenoid removal. So, we are moving forward.

    Thanks again! 

  • PeskyPesky member
    That is DD's path.  With her second set of tubes, she also had an adenoidectomy as those suckers can serve as bacteria petri dishes and just keep reinfecting the ears.  Essentially the ear infection never goes away.  I have heard cases of kids who are down for a day or two.  DD, who was about 2.5, was jumping up and down within 15 minutes of being home yelling "popsicle! popsicle!"  Yeah.  Long recovery.  I will say after that, it seemed to help and then her tonsils ballooned and she had those out at 3.5 and that was NOT fun.  But they weren't enlarged enough to require being taken with her adenoidectomy.  The usual grumpy waking up bit, little more sore but otherwise, she was dandy.  So yep, folks here at Children's Hospital told us the same thing and that's what they did.  Hope J feels better soon and has a quick recovery!

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

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