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What is your greatest fear?

About labor, birth, or being a parent?

If you have already given birth/become a parent, has the fear been an issue?  If not, what do you worry most about now? 

Re: What is your greatest fear?

  • ah625ah625
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    My only worry is how my son will adjust to not being an only child anymore after (when baby is here) 7 years. He only has to "share me" with his cousins a few times a month maximum, other than that it's me and him all the time since I'm a SAHM and he only does half day Kindergarten.

    I know he'll adjust, but he's already worried about it. This last weekend at a baby shower he was telling my mother-in-law "Mommies pay more attention to babies than big kids" with a sad look on his face. Breaks my heart. 

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  • I worry about everything. I also have anxiety issues, so it gets worse when I'm stressed out. I think as a mom, you worry whether things are in your control or not.
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  • My greatest fear right now is what type of world my children will be living in. People are crazy!
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  • I fear losing someone I love - DS, DD Mom, Brother etc..... scares the heck out of me!  
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