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Anyone else? its like, some nights i sleep like a rock, and others i lay awake for hours...finally fall asleep and wake up and do it all over again 2-3x a night (and im not napping during the day, and im exhausted every night). So frustrating!!
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    I've always had trouble sleeping, wayyyyyy before I was pregnant.  I take Calms Forte, it's a natural sleep aid that's safe to take during pregnancy, BUT talk to your doctor first. 
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    Yep...for sure.  It's amazing how I can be so tired all day long and as soon as it's time for bed I'm wide awake.  Last night I was awake for a good hour and a half at around 4...just laying there.  I remember this happening in previous pregnancies too...as for now its the only symptom I have.  
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    Not yet, and I definitely don't look forward to it!
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    I remember it well with DS now I'm developing it again. I laid in bed last night from 11:30-3:00 tossing and turning :0( I was so irritated! At least with DS it didn't last the whole pregnancy so there is hope!!!

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    The first few weeks I slept sooo good but the past few days all I do is lay in the bed and stare into space lol. Before I go to bed I feel as if I could pass out sitting up with my eyes open but as soon as I hit the bed...nothing! Definitely irritating!
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