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Divorce tomorrow please send do not cry vibes

Hi Ladies,

I have to go to court tomorrow, and hopefully our divorce will be official that same day.  Please send me do not cry vibes.  I want this divorce but am feeling very emotional right now and I have postpartum depression (which I am receiving help for).  I just really do not want to cry in front of him, for some reason it makes me feel weak and I do not want to show any weakness in front of him.

Thank you,


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Re: Divorce tomorrow please send do not cry vibes

  • My divorce was finalized in 2010 and it was hard even though I wanted it and it was a good thing for me I cried. Crying doesnt make you weak in my opinion its just a release of all those emotions involved sadness for the relationship you will never have with that person relief that you can move on etc it is a real roller coaster. If you feel like crying and really do not want to take a deep breath and think of something positive cliche sounding I know but it may work for you
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  • It is natural to cry. I was SO glad for mine to be finalized in front of the judge, I still cried from it. It was the end of a chapter and it needed a good cry!!
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  • rsp247rsp247 member
    Be strong! But like the other girls said crying is not always a form of weakness, but we will be here for you to vent to later. Good Luck!!
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  • Thank you ladies,

    I am happy to say I did not cry in court...but bawled like a baby afterwards.  I have hardly eaten anything these last seven days, and have not slept well. I feel emotionally drained.  I am going to wake up and eat a huge breakfast and  move on with my life tomorrow and just take one day at a time.



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