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Teething necklace?

Hi ladies. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a teething necklace? I am wary of using etsy b/c I want to ensure it is safe for baby to chew on. And anyone have any experience with amber teething necklaces? Thanks for any info! 

Re: Teething necklace?

  • imageMandJS:

    We love our amber teething necklace, but babies are not supposed to chew on it. We got ours from Inspired by Finn, and if you "like" them on FB, they always seem to have coupon codes. 

    No advice on a necklace LO can chew on - DH and I discussed, and decided we didn't want to encourage LO to chew on my jewelry (or anyone elses), so we just got some teething toys and such that we would offer her.

    I largely agree with this, but I know LO loves to chew on the polished jade necklaces that my mom wears.
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  • GHBEAGHBEA member

    We also love our Inspired by Finn necklace but ours is short enough so she can't get it in her mouth.


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  • we got ours off of Amazon, but just for clarification, they are NOT supposed to chew on the Amber Teething necklaces... research how an Amber Teething necklace works and you will see why.
  • Are you confusing amber teething necklaces (worn by LO) with the lines of teething jewelry (worn by the mother) designed to be chewed on when teething? Maybe?

    Although DD does not yet wear an net teething necklace they have come very highly recommended by many of my friends. I have never heard great things about the necklaces designed for LO to chew on though. 

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  • EcyEcy member

    I really like DD's amber teething necklace. I really do see a difference when she wears it. She doesn't put things in her mouth as much, drools less & the only time she seems fussy from teething pain is at night when she's not wearing it.

    Unfortunately...she broke it yesterday Sad Guess I will be ordering another one soon!

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