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Hello there, new to the board. We are expecting our first in September. I am an only child and didn't grow up with any cousins living close by, so I have no experience with babies or little kids really. Learning along the way.

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  • hello, I am expecting my first in Jan. I have a few younger nieces and nephews and had 3 younger brothers, but I still don't think that has prepared me at all. I have always just been a big jungle gym to them and I have this strange feeling that there is going to be more that that to being a dad.
  • My wife has a huge family and there were lots of kids while she was growing up. So even my tom boy wife knows a lot more than me. She's really not very girlie, I love it about her. I'm hoping to pick up stuff along the way and maybe learn some things from the more experienced dads on here.
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  • Welcome!

    I'm also new to the board too! I'm also in the same boat. My first kid is coming in September and I have a brother that is 8 years older and I live in SoCal while my entire family is back home in Missouri. Kind of sucks that we won't have a lot of family close by, especially family that has raised kids and can give us advice. 

    But I'm all about message boards, websites and anything I can read to equip me to become a good dad. Keep reading and hang in there....I'm almost certain that we will be okay.


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  • Welcome to the daddy board.  The interest you have in your child to join a message board about will come through in your parenting and I bet you will catch on quick.  That's at least what I am saying to myself too.

    I really have wanted to give big props to all the guys on here. Especially the ones that braved the site prior to the daddy board started.  I'm sure you're all fantastic dads and dads to be.

    /getting sappy about things 

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