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Pee Breaks

I haven't even been in bed for half an hour, and already had to get up to pee twice!!  I'm giving up on sleeping for a bit and bumping instead.  Anything exciting going on?

Re: Pee Breaks

  • I'm searching feverishly for a cute pair of brown maryjanes for baby girls Christmas outfit. I cannot believe how challenging it's turning out to be!
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  • I went to a cook out today and now I am just relaxing. I am on bedrest but had to go to a cookout for my fiance's work. He just started there and everyone wanted to meet me. Of course we weren't there long so it was right back to my bed. :(

    Fun, Fun!

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  • DH and I just got home from our first birthing basics class that explained about all the options you have during L & D and we watched a delivery video. We're both weirded out about delivering the placenta. And DH said he doesn't want to watch the baby crowning either which is fine by me cuz I wouldn't want to either LOL. Just not our thing I guess.
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