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getting remotivated to excercise 2nd tri.

Second trimester officially starts on Sunday...  Unfortunately I haven't kept up with my pre-prego  workout regime.  Same mistake I made during my first go round but the exhaustion took me over both times.  I'm feeling better now and I'm really wanting to start someting that I can keep up for the last 2/3.  

I was running and cycling before and I know my endurance will be more limited now.  Just don't want to struggle to get back in shape the way I did the first time.  I know strength and endurance will make those first few weeks much easier if I'm prepared.  

I'm wondering if anyones in my boat?  Need advice, words of wisdom, a kick in the butt!  


Re: getting remotivated to excercise 2nd tri.

  • i've been trying to exercise nearly everday day now that it's summer and i don't have to work (i'm a teacher). like you, i'm in 2nd tri, and it's been hard getting back into a routine after months of not exercising more than 1-2 tmes a week, but definitely worth it. i don't know if you belong to a gym, but one thing that has been helping me is starting to go to spinning and aerobics or yoga classes. i'm still able to do pretty much everything they can and they're pretty fun. Other than that, downloading new motivating music on your ipod can make going running more can do it!


    if you need any other motivational tips, just google benefits on baby when pregnant mothers exercise. the list goes on and on and when i read about it in my what to expect book that helped me get my butt in gear too!

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  • I feel the same way.  I worked out almost every day and ran about 23 miles a week.  I am in no way able to keep up with my old self, but I do what my body is comfortable with, becasue some exercise is better than none.  Plus I just feel better afterwards, but I do have a lot of days where I just don't want to, sometimes I give in :)

    I would always tell myself (before being pregnant) if I dont work out or go run I usually regret not going, but if I suck it up and just do it, I never have any regrets

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  • I had always assumed that personal trainers were expensive.  But, after I broke my back, they would only release me to exercise "supervised."  I hired my trainer, and I haven't looked back.  She costs me about $15 for a half hour session, which I do once to twice a week, dependent on schedule.  I also went to yoga frequently throughout my pg (usually the class my trainer taught). 

    My trainer is a very family minded woman, who's son is only a year older than mine, and we have very similar philosophies on things like healthcare and childbirth. 

    I strongly believe that the workouts are why I delivered DS in 4 hours total.  Andplusalso, I felt so much better during my pregnancy, and it helped even out my mood (although I'll never admit that it needed evening!).   


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