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hasnt sunk in for dad to be--- UPDATE

ok so we had our first appointment yesterday and im 13ish weeks and he was there and saw and heard it. everything was going fine. this morning he texted me and asked if i would be mad if he dated- since we were not together anyway i said no but i said i hurt becuase we didnt date because he "wasnt ready". so then he said well i didnt want you to find ouf from facebook... which im not on ... so they are already dating.. so now i am up set and I dont know what to do. I was trying to work with him on everything now i dont want him near me or to even come to the appoinments with me. am i over reacting? I am just hurt and want to hurt him anyway i can- and he says he doesnt want me telling people he is the father but screw that... he messed up and now i feel like i want to make him hurt like he just hurt me. any advice?

Re: hasnt sunk in for dad to be--- UPDATE

  • You have every right to be hurt. Your feelings do matter but they shouldn't be wasted on some guy who doesn't feel anything towards you. All this sh*t this guy has put you through emotionally proves he is not any good for you. But you still need to put your personal feelings aside. Your feelings aren't the only ones that you need to watch out for now. The baby deserves a dad. This is something where you just need to suck it up, move on, and hope this guy is a great father because this is what will matter. Your relationship with him does not determine his relationship with the baby.

    Tell anyone you want that he is the father..doesn't matter if he wants you to or not.

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  • I dont want to be with him. i want to have a friendship with him. and he keeps ditching and lying to me. Idk but i just dont want to be fighting with him and not have a relationship with him not for me but so the child doesnt have to suffer. I am hurt that he doesnt have time to even ask me how im doing. its not that i want to see him every day or whatever. i think in my mind i am thinking if hes not here/ or have time now how is he going to be there for the child? I guess im missing what we had before- just friends hanging out. we used to talk about everything.. girls he liked and everything now he wont say anything to me.

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