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Not your typical child support question

I am going to file child support for my newborn son. I was wondering if they serve him the paperwork at his house to let him know or do they just start taking the child support out of his paycheck without notice.





Re: Not your typical child support question

  • In Texas, you have to go to court. Everything was done by the AG and when court time rolled around,  all they did was say, "This is how much monthly. This is how much back. This is how much back payment will include" and then sent it off to his employer. 

    He was served at work. He never received copy of the judgement, as he was a no call/no show. 

  • W/O going to court and both parties laying their financials on the table, how would they know what amount to order payment for? Also, in many states child support and custody are separate issues. Most state government websites have tons of information that is helpful for their respective state. 
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  • Many states have C/S calculators that they use to determine support. They base it off of pre-tax income.
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