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New and not sure

Hi all.

I am in a predicament and don't know what I should do.  I have two beautiful little girls, the youngest being only 6 months.  My H (notice not DH) is an addict.  It is embarrassing to admit it.  He is on treatment management.  But it only helps with some things.  His problem is prescriptions.  He will be fine most of the time (although mentally depressed and not exactly a happy go lucky guy) but every time he gets a chance, he gets a prescription and abuses it.  I don't feel that my kids are safe around him, especially if he decides to drive.  The episodes are closer and closer together-about 1-2 months apart. 

I'm not happy. But I have financial difficulties and we are paying off debt. Our house lost a lot of value with the market crash.  

I want to do what's best for my girls.  I want a happy family and marriage. I feel hopeless because even if I get a divorce, I'm still going to have to deal with him. I'm still going to have to worry about what he's going to do and how it's going to affect my kids.  I just feel like I'm in a no win situation.  Can anyone relate? Can anyone offer any advice?

 The ironic thing is one of my close friends' husband is a divorce lawyer.  But she doesn't know the stuff that is going on because she doesn't really know my husband or our financial situation.  I am afraid to open that can of worms with a friend.

Thank you!

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Re: New and not sure

  • I suggest talking to a lawyer and a counselor. Your in a very difficult decision. So please try talking to the county or someone professional for help. I wish you the best hun.
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