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Question about drop-off times

My STBX has the girls (2 and almost 4) at 8:30 a.m. Sundays. Their bed time is 7:30. He refuses to agree to return them by 6:30 so they have an hour to decompress and get in bed (they are HYPER at that hour). Yes, he has them bathed and in PJs, but is it crazy of me to ask that they have a little time before bed?

What is a typical drop-off time at the end of a full day?

Re: Question about drop-off times

  • Reading states' guidelines that I can find online a lot of them say drop off 1 hour before bedtime.

    My son's bedtime is 8:00 and that is when he gets dropped off for his visit during the week. When we go to modify the CO I am asking for 7:00 drop off. My son is super crazy when he comes home and he ends up not going to bed until close to 9:30, which is way too late.

    Not crazy to have them home a hour before hand.  

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