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Up until now, I've been an exclusive pumper. But, I'd like to start giving 1 bottle of formula / day. My pedi suggests that I stick w/ higher calorie types made for preemies. What does everyone use? If possible, id like an organic brand, just not been able to find any yet.
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  • DrRxDrRx
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    We use Neosure.  I asked about using the Enfamil type of preemie/higher calorie formula, and my pedi strongly recommended to stay with Neosure.
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  • Walmart sells a generic version of neosure. It is SO MUCH cheaper.  I wish they had it with Gabe!
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    We also use neosure, if you sign up on similac's website they will send you coupons! 
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  • Our NICU nutritionist approved an organic formula, Earth's Best, to supplement my breast milk. As my milk supply tanked, we had to use more and more formula (I'm only producing 6-8 oz. a day of breast milk at this point, but trying to build it back up), and Earth's Best was bothering his tummy.

    So we switched to lactose-free Baby's Only. It's organic but it's labeled as a "toddler formula," but the reason they label it that way is because they encourage breast-milk-only for the first year, but it's still fine for infants who need formula.

    I'm actually about to start making homemade goat's milk formula... LOL, yeah, we're pretty crunchy around here.... (this is where I got the recipe from:) 

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  • My son is on neosure, and I still have to concentrate it to make it 27 cal. it's the only one his drs will let him be on, as the highly recomend it.
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  • My DD is on Gerber Good Start Gentle. She hasn't really had any tummy issues. In the NICU she was on Neosure, but once she hit month and half they took her off.



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