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Ikea - Store run

Would anyone be willing to go to Ikea and buysomething for me and ship it to me in Minnesota? The product I want is not available in my store and is available in Seattle.

I'm willing to pay you upfront for the cost of the product and shipping, and then pay you for helping me.

I want to get the Ikea Bekvam spice racks and use them as bookshelves, but they are sold out practically everywhere.  They are only $3.99 each and I want 4 of them, so only $16 worth of product.  Again, I'll pay you upfront, via paypal, the $16 to buy them, and then the cost to ship.

Please let me know!!



Re: Ikea - Store run

  • *reposting on the right board*

    I might be able to do it for ya! I was planning an Ikea trip some time in the next two weeks, how soon did you need them?? Also, I used these as book shelves in my toddlers room and they have worked great! Maybe they have them at your Ikea? http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20126065/

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  • Hey, if Lynchie can't do it, let me know.  I also won't be able to go until maybe next week, but I've been looking for a book shelf idea too and I think these would work great for us.  One of the images I found has them on the side of a dresser and that would be perfect in K's room!

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  • Thanks Ladies!

    I might have someone doing it... I'll know this week. If not, I'll reach back out to you!

    And thanks for the idea on the other ledges. I might consider those for the playroom.

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