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First Overnight w/out LO

Tomorrow will be my first time w/out LO overnight.  I am bringing him up to  H's new place and he will have him thru Sunday afternoon.

I am new at this - any advice? How is it to be away from your LO overnight? On one hand, I will miss him, on the other hand, I will be able to sleep in ..Thoughts?

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Re: First Overnight w/out LO

  • It's exactly like you said. On one hand, the house will be empty and quiet. It feels like something is is...and it's really hard. On the other, you learn to take advantage of doing something for you! Go to a movie, out to dinner, grab a book and a bottle of wine. This first visit, focus on spoiling yourself, and not that he isn't home. Each visit gets easier. 
  • Just remember that regardless of what has gone on with H, you wouldn't have made a concious decision to marry him and had a child with him if you hadn't thought he was a capable parent. And it's OK to feel guilty about alone time. It's important for LO and H to have time together and have a relationship on their own. I know it's hard. I'm struggling with the thought myself, but it will be OK. Just try to do something nice for yourself to take your mind off of it. If you were local I'd take you out for drinks and a movie.
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  • Thanks ladies..I will let you know how it went..
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  • I will never forget the pain I felt in those first months after me and my ex split.  Having to send my just weaned 1.5 year old away for the weekend with my ex and his new girlfriend. 

    All I can tell you is it gets easier.  It becomes the new normal.  After several months I started to appreciate the time to myself and you will too I'm sure.  It's great that our kids have a dad who wants them and wants to spend time with them.  As long as he is a good father try to enjoy your time and do something nice for yourself.

  • I hope it went well for you.

     It does get easier. XH has DS 3 days a week. At first, those days were really hard. I cried because I missed him so much. Now, I use those days to get errands done, cleaning around the house, hanging out with friends, etc. They become my catch up days. And to be honest, weeks where DS is being especially trying.... I look forward to the break.

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