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Silent Reflux AND Gas - Need Formula rec!

My LO has silent reflux and terrible gas. He was breastfed until my Ped told me that he wasn't able to get enough due to milk duct issues and therefore not able to produce a bowel movement and he wasn't gaining weight. So, week 2 we started supplementing with formula and I started pumping like crazy. 

He gets bottles of breastmilk alternated with formula. We started with Gerber Good Start Gentle Ready to Feed and he seemed to be OK, then after a week or so he started to have awful gas pains. We switched to Enfamil Gentlease Ready to Feed and his gas was much better -but he still had the silent reflux bothering him. 

Saw the Ped yesterday who prescribed Zantac and gave up samples of Enfamil AR. Ped said that the AR is basically Gentlease with added rice. I called Enfamil when I got home and they said that this is not true. AR is regular Enfamil with rice. 

So I'm nervous to switch LO to AR due to his past issue with gas and constipation. I'm thinking about adding rice cereal to his Gentlease to help with the reflux...but it seemed counterproductive because the rice cereal could constipate him.  

I know I'll probably just have to try it out but it's consuming my thoughts - I just want to do what will give him the most comfort! Poor LO is eating 4-5oz every two hours. He will be 6 weeks tomorrow. Ped said he should be eating 5oz every 4 hours.  

Any thoughts? 

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Re: Silent Reflux AND Gas - Need Formula rec!

  • Thanks for the reply! Yes- he eats constantly because of the reflux - it's the only thing that seems to relax him. The only bottles that seem to work are the Playtex Drop ins and Tommee Tippee. He still gets in some air because he tries to eat too fast - but not as much as others.

    I'm sure the overeating is making him so uncomfortable - and could be the cause of his tummy troubles - which is why I contemplated just switching to the AR to see if it would help. But he seems to be OK on the Gentlease - just eating nonstop. Hopefully the Zantac will help even things out. And if not, I'll try the AR. 

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  • L has gas, silent reflux and colic. We have her on enfamil nutramigen. From what I read, the gentle ease is a partially broken down milk protein where the nutramigen, which is for milk allergies, has a completely broken down milk protein. Makes it easier to digest. The nutramigen with enflora (powder) also has a probiotic in it. This can help babies with bad gas. L does better on this than the other formulas. She has only been on Zantac for 6 days. I see improvements such as sleeping better, not waking up screaming as often. Good luck, I know it's tough finding the right combo and then waiting.  

    Lillian April 17, 2012
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  • My DD has reflux and horrible horrible gas. We're on Similac's Alimentum with rice cereal mixed in. We've been through a number of formulas. This one is number 6. And we're on Zantac. My pedi gastroenterologist said that the ready made formulas are easier on gas than the powdered.

    Enfamil AR has rice starch added to it, not rice cereal. It's not as heavy as cereal and it's easier swallowed. Please don't add rice cereal to a bottle without talking to your pedi first. The incorrect measurements of cereal vs. formula could lead to choking.

    We were on AR first before switching to the rice cereal and I find it does help. The weight of the rice helps keep the acid down more. We had to switch because my DD aspirates when she eats. We are having some poop issues and she is constipated because of the rice. I do find that the alimentum has helped it and my pedi GI told me to switch to oatmeal if it's not getting better. I also put in Little Tummy's Mylicon drops to help with the gas.


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