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EEG Report and MRI, Your thoughts/advice needed

Good Morning.

I recently requested a copy of our pediatric neuros notes for our records...and in reviewing them I noted something (and do have a call into our primary doc who will hopefully consult with the neuro...yes I'm probably a little paranoid).  We were told and it's noted in her notes that the EEG came back normal and there was no epiileptiform activity (but can't you have non-epileptic seizures)...and the EEG report has a Indication: Seizure...(on channel 16).  This EEG was done after her fully put under sedated MRI (so I know there is somewhat of a validity factor, but the not is "asleep sedated, awaok while drowsy")...

this was her first EEG.  Thoughts. 
Her MRI showed a Chiari I and some white matter loss, will have a follow up one year from the MRI (which is 8 months from now)...or should we ask about a 6 month follow up MRI?

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Re: EEG Report and MRI, Your thoughts/advice needed

  • Yeah...heard back from family doc..he thinks all is ok...however he's requesting the records (odd that pediatric neuro didn't send to referring doc)
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  • I am not sure how to answer this. Was there seizure activity or not? Were they discounting the findings based on the fact that she was sedated?

    We do MRI's once a year. I don't think a 6 month MRI would show much change. We basically follow-up to make sure that Nate is continuing to mylenate. He also has white matter issues. The thing about MRI readings is that the radiologist is reading what they see at that point in time. We've had three MRI's and they have each said something a little bit different. Nate's last MRI report said we should "consider a metabolic issue or white matter disease". It was sort of like they never bothered to look at his diagnosis and just read what is in the films, which is really what their job is, I guess. I just wish they wouldn't send you off on wild goose chases and make you google something else you have no idea about and more than likely has no bearing on your child's issues....

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