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Postpartum Depression


my doctor told me I have ppd, I went to see a therapist and they told me that it's basically been there all along and having my son made things worse for me. I want to get on medication but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I don't have thoughts of hurting my son but I do of hurting myself, which I have in the past. I also have severe anxiety and when ever my son cries uncontroliby I start to panic and get really frustrated. Anyone have any advice? I'm going to see a psychologist on Friday and he may write me a px.

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  • I was loosely diagnosed with depression two years before getting pregnant, if I hadn't then I would be now, with PPD like you. Anyways the choice to take medications or not is a personall one and a lot goes into that decision. That being said I can tell you that before the baby taking buproprion (generic wellbutrin) was amazing. All of a sudden it was easy to get out of bed. I felt ligher. I didn't get annoyed by everything. I didn't startle or panic all the time. I lost 30 pounds wihtout trying. I could concentrate, I was smarter. Miracle drug for me. Studies show that medications combined with therapy is really the best way to go, and I wish that I had time for that.

    Now, I'm pumping breast milk for the baby, and every day I think long and hard about if the depression is bad enough for me to wean the breast milk and get back on medication or if I can make it another day. So far I've been somewhat functional but if I wasn't pumping I'd be back on that medicine in a heartbeat.

    The other factor to consider is that it is important for the baby that you are mentally healthy. Two reasons, one -babies can pick up on  disorganization of the family. Like being more irritable, panicking, crying, disorganization, etc. Aparrently long term studies show that adult children of parents with mental illness tend to have job that are very quiet and organized- my dr. gave me the example of librarians (not that librarians are always children of parents with mental illness). the second is that for language and cognitive developemnt the baby needs verbal stimuli, and for me, I sometimes have trouble talking. so even though I'm physically present and playing, I'm not talking or engaging as much as I want to.

    At the doctor's I would definitely ask about pros and cons of any options.

    Good luck!

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  • I am glad you are seeking help. ESP since you have had thoughts of hurting yourself. Your baby needs you, I take Zoloft and breast feed. Like the pp said, it made me feel lighter, each day became easier to get through. Do what is best for you and your baby. Drugs aren't always the answer, but it can be for some ppl. 
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  • I had severe PPD with my DS and eventually stopped BFing/pumping to get on meds.  This time around, I BF and take Celexa, and I have no problems doing that. I don't have PPD this time around but I'm prone to anxiety post-baby, so I know I am making the right choice.  I won't consider weaning off the meds until my baby is older

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