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I know it varies by state and all but just curious in general how far past due was the father in child support in any of you ladies situations before the state did something about it ( liscense suspension, court dates ect)   LO is 9 months old so BF is 9 months behind.  I know thats nothing compared to what you ladies have waited for but I am just curious to when some sort of repercussions could happen

TIA :) 

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Re: In General ( cs related)

  • Ex was laid off and got one month behind, and they took it from his next federal tax refund.  We are in Ohio.
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  • X is over $40k behind and my worker said nothing will be done for at least another 6 months.
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  • Parternity had to be established for DD, and it took 15 months to get to court. He was a no-call/no-show, so they found in default, and set up child support payments immediately. It took about 6 weeks to start getting checks. He disappeared soon after that, and kept quitting jobs when the state would find him. It was a little harder than it is now. 

    He finally contacted them to get the amount lowered and the state jumped on it. They acted at 90days, but it was 5 years and 25K before they caught up with him. He was put on probation until DD is 18. 

  • Thanks for the responses!  We have actually been through court and have a court ordered weekly amount.  He just ignores it so i was wondering how long they will allow him to ignore and how much they will allow to add up in back support before the state does something
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