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Im so uncomfortable! :(

Between being swollen and having a sharp pain under my left rib that my doctor said was heart burn I am completely miserable today! :( I'm only comfortable laying down, and that is frowned upon at work. :(

 Anyone else just want to get back into bed?

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Re: Im so uncomfortable! :(

  • kjskjskjskjs member

    I'm exhausted this morning and would much rather be in bed than at work.

     Hope your heartburn goes away soon.

  • Right there with you, for some reason this week I cannot sleep and I am beyond tired. I hope you feel better soon!!
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  • Yes. For the last couple of weeks, it has been so uncomfortable to sit in my desk chair. It's normally pretty comfortable, but lately the sciatic pain in my butt is ridiculous! My coworkers must think I'm crazy because I keep shifting in my chair every 5 minutes. Though, laying in bed wouldn't help much either. Then, the sciatic pain just shifts to my hips. I just can't win :(
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  • Yup, this week started the uncomfortable sleep and lots of pain!! *Sigh*
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  • Right now I have heartburn bpretty much constantly, if i eat a normal meal then im STUFFED and just feel huge and full, im not sleeping well, waking up in hot sweats even though its like freezing in our bedroom, exhausted,going to the bathroom constantly, out of breath walking 10ft and my tailbone has been killin me lately. Do we really need to go through this for 3 more honkin months??? and is it really only going to just get worse??? OMG SHOOT ME

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  • Manx4Manx4 member
    This kiddo has gotten bigger that's for sure.  I feel huge and it's uncomfortable but I keep reminding myself, it's not forever. 
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  • My sleep's been all sorts of jacked up, too, so I'm exhausted. Sigh.

    And yesterday, my pelvic bone felt like someone had sat on it all day, so it was hard for me to move around. It feels better today but still aches a bit.


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  • Yes! And my heartburn is unreal. 
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  • The sleepless nights began a few nights ago... I am so tired during the day.  I have noticed my "pregnancy brain" is kicking it in high gear.  I have been repeating myself on a daily basis, and just doing thoughtless things.  This morning, I fell down the stairs.  I didn't tumble on the baby bump, mostly my legs are carpet burned and bruised Huh?  .  I have felt the baby move since the fall.  Yesterday at the Dr. I measured 28 weeks.... I am ready for this baby to get here!!!

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  • Yesss! I'm SO tired! I toss and turn all night and can't sleep worth a flip! And I have this God awful pain on the right side of my ribs on my back. I'm going to my chiropractor today so hopefully that will help.

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  • I feel like my upper ab muscles are going to rip in half.  I actually asked the Dr if it was possible because it's so bad.  It gets much worse after I eat too.  My Baby B is transverse and hanging out right under my ribs. Ouch!
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  • Pretty uncomfortable here too.  Between bathroom breaks and heartburn I didn't get much sleep last night, and in between that I'm thinking about all the things I need to do before baby gets here but am too tired to get done when I'm awake for the day.
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  • me too!!!

    I'm exhausted.  Please tell me I can make it these last three days of work!  These kinderkids are driving me INSANE!  Every inch of my body hurts.  It doesn't help that I can't sleep at night anymore!  So yes, I second you on wanting to get back into bed!!!

  • I am with you too... sorry you are feeling miserable.  This week I cannot get comfortable laying down or sitting.
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  • Yes, but I feel like I'm not even comfortable in my bed half the time.
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