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Dr. Hall in Owasso

has anyone used dr.hall in owasso? how did it go for you?

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  • I am! I switched OB/GYNs from a Southcrest affiliated doctor to Dr. Hall at the beginning of my pregnancy because I wanted to deliver at Bailey. I'm in my ninth month now and both my husband and I have been very impressed with Dr. Hall. She's personable, answers all your questions, and has an open mind to different delivery styles (we're using the Bradley Method). It took me awhile to warm up to her front office staff but now that I've been seeing them monthly/multiple times a month for the last nine months they're a little more friendly now too. One other thing about Dr. Hall, her appointments usually run on time. There has only been 2 occasions out of about 8 that I've had to wait past my appointment time. Good luck!
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  • Did she do an ultrasound for dating? Or just one around 20 weeks. My first appointment is this week so I was just wondering.
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  • I used Dr Hall with my first pregnancy. Honestly I did not have a good experience with her, I felt as if anything I said she did not take seriously, almost like she didn't care to listen. She showed me attitude. I was a lot younger, this was about 5 years ago. I have heard of other people having good experiences with her, so not to say she is not a good dr. Maybe it was because I was young. However bailey is a super nice hospital! I do not remember having a 20 week ultrasound with her but again this was awhile back. Her nurse was wonderful though!
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