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yay for a VT board :)

Thanks :)


Anyone out there??



Re: yay for a VT board :)

  • I'm here! congrats on your baby!  I'm due in October.  What area of the state are you in?
  • Hey,

    Congrats Mommies. I am due on July 27th, where are you ladies from? I live in Milton.


    Good luck!

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  • Hello from Stowe!
  • Hey,

    I'm due in December, live in the Middlebury area

  • Hi!  I'm also due in December.  I am from Burlington.  Congrats everyone! 








  • Due next week- I'm in Burlington!
  • From Bennington, due in November!

     would love to see more posts on the VT board

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  • I am from Essex, due on February 28, 2013!
  • Yay, people are actually here! The last time I stopped by no one had posted here and I didn't want to be all by myself! So, hello from Rutland County!
  • I'm in Winooski- had my babe in May!
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  • Glad there is finally a board for us.  Just wish there were more people ;)  I'm in the Montpelier area.

  • I'm from Bennington,my baby Rylee was born July 7th
  • Hey local Mamas.... check out this giveaway on my VT blog!! LIKE us on FB and spread the love! :)
    Like giveaways? Like my blog!
    I love these two beautiful children!
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  • I am In Swanton and Due with my second February 21st 2013.


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  • I'm in Essex junction and I'm due May 2, 2013. Does anyone know of a meetup or support group for new mothers in the Burlington area?
  • Hi there.. I am in saint albans.. Due feb 27th..,first time for me.. 
  • Hi!  Kelly from South Burlington, due Feb 17th with our first!  Getting very anxious/nervous.


  • Hello from Londonderry, VT - we are TTC our first

    Me (35) ... DH (35) ... Married 7/22/06 ... TTC Since Dec 2011 (w/o charting)
    Started using Fertility Friend in Jan 2013 ... My FF Chart (mostly just AF)

    Faint Positive: 02/08/13 and 02/09/13 ... Chemical Pregnancy: 02/13/13 (5wks)
    BFP: 08/28/13 & 09/01/13 ... could this be it?! :D
  • Hey hey!

    Currently in Poultney, then headed to Proctorsville for the summer.  I'll be moving to NH in Nov and am due in Dec.

    Busy busy! 

  • lulaG23lulaG23 member

    I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd try it anyway!  Just found out I'm expecting-am due in late January, 2014.  I'm in Essex :)

  • Hi there!! 10 weeks 5 days here :) I am in Richmond. My little bean is due Dec. 30th, 2013. Happy New Year!!! 
  • BethStBethSt
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    Hi, Beth in Waitsfield here, just found out I'm preggers, due on March 14th!
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  • Hello!  Due October 15th, live in Ferrisburgh 
  • HEY! Essex, Waitsfield and Ferrisburgh best of luck to you ladies!! Vtfarmmomma, hope you and your little one are doing well! 
  • I'm here in Essex and due in August 2014. Is anyone still around on this board?
  • Hi. I'm new to the board. My LO is three weeks. I would love to meet other moms and maybe find a mom group. I am near BTV.
  • Hi I'm in Burlington and due June 2014. I would love to chat with some other local moms-to-be. I'm planning on signing up for pregnancy classes at Fletcher Allen in a couple months, but are there any other groups or classes other local people are planning on joining and would recommend?
  • I took a hypnobirthing class and loved it. It helps with relaxation and pain management.
  • Thanks for the advice! Was that at Fletcher Allen?
  • I took it from Alice Norris in Huntington. She can be found at Bloomingbabies.com
  • Hello! I am due the end of March and live in Ferrisburgh!
  • @KimZach2013 I'm in Southern Vermont! Just had a baby boy in August 2013 :) Congratulations! 

  • @KimZach2013 I'm in the Southern VT area, right down the road in the Brattleboro/Newfane area! I'm due a month after you September 2014 :)
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  • Hello from Cabot! I'm due with my first in July 2014. Anyone using Copley Hospital?
  • Alice was one of the LC I met a few times while in the post partum unit at FAHC. She is lovely!!  

  • EllenLaPlante: I did a labor and delivery class, breastfeeding class and a newborn care class with beginnings childbirth. I really liked all of the instructors and the info they provided. I would surely recommend them. 

    Definitely check out the labor and delivery class that evolution yoga offers, it is for momma and her support person. Alice is amazing and this class will really give you a huge amount of information and confidence. 

    Good luck to you!! :) 
  • Thanks so much for the advice! I will definitely look into that!

  • @nhdani I used to live in Newfane but moved to Bennington County a few years ago. :) Newfane was nice. :) Congrats on the baby! 

  • Hello!  I am living in Manchester.
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