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End of year gifts for teachers?

PreK graduation is tomorrow. Did you get a gift for your child's teacher? If so what did you get?

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Re: End of year gifts for teachers?

  • I got DS's teacher a gift card.
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  • I got personalized hand sanitizers for each teacher.  DD is there all day so there are several that help.  For the main teacher I also got about $15 worth of goodies in a travel tote since I know she is going on a beach vacation the week after school gets out.
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  • I did Starbucks gift cards for my DD's 3 PreK teachers and her 2 speech therapists.
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  • I teach high school and occasionally get end-of-year gifts.  I like receiving food and gift cards the best.  My least favorite gift is decorative objects like paper weights, etc.  I also really like thoughtfully written thank-you notes.  They're just as nice to receive as a gift card or food.
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  • I am torn between starbucks GC's or a nice candle from bath and body son has two teachers and is in grade one.  Also, he will be writing them a letter, which we will have laminated with a picture of him and each teacher that I took at the christmas concert this year, instead of a card.
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    Restaurant gift card.

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  • For a pre-K teacher I would get a gift card.  They don't get paid a lot, and would probably appreciate a g.c. to someplace, even dunkin donuts (if they drink coffee or eat donuts!).

    In grade school the class moms collect $ to get the teacher a group gift - sometimes a g.c., sometimes a gift like a vera bradley tote, etc.  Usually I do something on top of that, like flowers, etc.  One year I gave a loaf of bread from a specialty bread store in town.  My kids think it's a wierd gift, but when I give it to people they seem to love it.

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