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Pregnancy workouts/Sweat

So, kind of gross and hard to quantify maybe.. but how much do you sweat while you're working out?  I do the elliptical for 30 minutes and light lifting 3x/week, and I'm always drenched in sweat when I leave.  I've always been a bit of a sweaty gal when working out anyway, so it's nothing new.  I always replace my fluids when I get home and drink about 64 oz during the workday... but just wondered if anyone else sweats a lot and if you're doing anything different because of it?

Had a growth U/S last week and my amniotic fluid was in the "lower end of normal" range, and my OB said he doesn't want me to stop working out, but I just wonder if it's keeping my amniotic fluid down because I sweat so much!

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Re: Pregnancy workouts/Sweat

  • I've always been a pretty heavy sweater, but I've definitely seen an increase since getting my positive test. I do Zumba for an hour, 3-5 times a week, and I'm already wiping myself down after our first two warm-up songs. 

    No idea about the affect on amniotic fluid, but definitely keep up with your fluid intake.   

  • I do bikram yoga and have just found that drinking A LOT of water on the days that I do it helps a lot (64oz on non-workout days, 100 on workout days). My fluid levels are good, but I sweat like a beast. My doc says it's nothing to worry about as long as I'm keeping my body temp down and replacing the water. HTH!

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