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Recommend great books and apps?

Hello everyone,

Please recommend some great books to read and get more info and some great apps.


Thank you

Re: Recommend great books and apps?

  • I read twhat to expect when you're expecting, its pretty good and I'm not reading what to expect the first year. I really like the free what to expect app, it has daily tips based on your due date, and you don't have to buy the book to get it.

     If you are going to be breastfeeding I would defintely try to read or at least skim a breastfeeding book before the baby (I didn't and felt lost the first week, but I also didn't take a breastfeeding class, not sure what I was thinking...). I read the womanly art of breasfeeding after she was born.

    Also, I have an app called feed baby (for droid but I am sure they have something simiar if not the same for iphone). You can track feedings (breastfeeding or formula), dirty diapers and sleeping.


  • I use daily the "what to expect baby" app to track feeding, diapers, sleep. Very helpful bc I always have my phone with me. 

    Books -- breastfeeding recommend "la leche" book. I wasn't a fan of the what to expect.... book just bc I thought it was such common sense. Jenny Macarthy book was a good laugh read it while on vacation. 

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  • I'm personally not a fan of the book What to Expect..., but I do like their app. Honestly, most information you're going to need you can get off the internet these days or just check a few books out of the library and see which one works for you before investing the money in your own.

     Apps I like: Sprout, Pregnancy Plus, Babycenter, Hello Baby, PregWheel. For later on, you can download Stage 1 and Full Term for labor tracking.

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