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Running Mama's (preferably of 2+)

I have a BOB stroller that I loved when DS was smaller.  Now he refuses to ride in it for more than 15 minutes because he wants to walk.

 I am starting to think ahead to when LO 2 arrives in December.  It will be mid winter, and last time I went for long walks daily to get back into shape.  When spring hit and the snow melted I got into running again.  Given that I will be home alone with a 2 year old and a new born what are my options:   Is there a stroller board that is compatible with the BOB so we could at lest take longer walks and DS could ride on when he gets tired?  Does anyone have any experience with how these will handle in the snow?  I don't think a double jogging stroller is a great investment as DS really hates the stroller now.

 How much chance do you find to run with 2 kids.  A friend offered to sell me her Bugaboo (not a jogger I know) but it is at least compatible with a stroller board so DS could ride on.  Should I get that to see us through the winter and maybe by spring DS could bike along side while I run with the new LO and the BOB.  Any insight on jogging with 2 or more is welcome (especially from those whose older LO is past the stroller phase or like mine just hate the stroller.  Sorry this is a bit long.  TIA

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Re: Running Mama's (preferably of 2+)

  • It looks like out LOs are about the same distance apart.  I also really wanted to walk when LO 2 came, but at 1 1/2 LO 1 wanted nothing to do with a stroller.  I really worked on getting DD into the stroller.  I started getting her fun size m&ms that she only got when in the stroller, we also don't do juice at home so that became a stroller treat and for her 2nd birthday she got a leap pad, which she only uses in the stroller.  Now I have no problem getting her in the stroller with any snack, the leap pad, or she'll do her nails in the stroller.  I bought a used BOB Revolution and use it for walks almost everyday.  I haven't run yet but I've been for a few long walks (2-3 miles).
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    Thanks for the input.  I will try to coax him into rediscovering the stroller love, and if that goes well maybe we'll trade the single for a double.
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  • The buggy boards suck in snow. Big time. I use a Chariot and it cuts through snow like butter. I also never took no for an answer about riding in the stroller. There was always something interesting in there for them, like toys or books, and I really think the cover helped. The girls really like riding in there, and they will even fall asleep in it.
  • I totally understand where you are coming from. As much as I realized that I may only get one season out of it, I bit the bullet and bought the double BOB. We did this for a few that DH and I could run together, so that we had an actual double stroller (we also have an Uppababy vista with a board and that would not have worked for running at all as the board would get completely in the way of your stride), and because we knew that we could resell it pretty easily for close to what we paid for it on craigslist.

    Was it worth it? TOTALLY. We now run every night...a 2.5 mile route where we end up at our neighborhood park, so DD knows that if she rides in the stroller, she will get to the park and much faster.

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  • Hi. My LOs are 3 years apart. I can't help with the jogging stroller since I never used it. I do have a stroller that I love: UPPA but I find walking with the stroller with the two of them a little tough. DS1 often wants to stop and look at something on the ground to stray off the path. I found a carrier (I have a wrap and an Ergo) more maneuverable and the baby doesn't wake up when we stop because I can keep swaying (plus the extra workout for your core is nice). I also use it a lot when I take the older one to the playground.

    To your second question - when to run. I'm not a pro-runner so I can't even imagine running with a stroller (and I live in a very hilly area). Plus a run is my time to be alone so I do it before the kids wake up - so I head out around 6am. I only returned to running once baby was waking up to nurse only 1 or 2 times a night around 5 months.  

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  • bgf1bgf1 member
    Thanks so much for all the feedback.  I will start operation trick C into liking stroller again.  If all goes well well look at the double.  I know it is a ways ahead but my DH works 12 hour shift and running is my sanity.  Right know I take C to Daycare a bit early 3 days a week to run.  But that won't be an option once I am a SHM for the year.  
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