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Needs words of encouragement

I would really love to hear everyone's MICU stories right now with happy endings. We had our little boy last week and he was only 5 weeks early but his problems are very severe. The second they get better somewhat they take three steps back and get dramatically worse. They transferred him tonight to a whole another hospital in case they have to give surgery

 Any stories would really help me sleep tomight

Thank you  


Re: Needs words of encouragement

  • My first DD was born at 33w 4d and spent 12 days in the NICU mainly as a feeder/grower. My second DD was born in March at 34w 5d and spent 14 days in the NICU. She had issues with A's and B's, eating, gaining weight. It wasn't until she close to 37 weeks did she finally grow out of the A's & B's. I hope your LO starts to figure it out. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.



  • Someone on here has a poem that explains why God chooses premmie moms and after having a 35 weeker myslf I know this to be true. Our LO spent 2 weeks in the NICU mainly learning how to feed and grow, a few Brady issues, but nothing severe. There were times I would come and think he looks so good today he's doing good he's going to go home tomorrow and then the  next day he'd have the feeding tube back in. I will pray for your LO and I wish you a healthy and happy little boy. And know all the struggles will be worth it, the care and attention these little miracles receive from the MD's and hospital are amazing. Apart from my own preemie a close friend delivered at 30 weeks in July to a 2lb little boy, they suffered with blood poisoning and a ton of problems and now he's an adorable healthy chubby little boy!
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  • I'm sorry things are hard - NICU is such a roller coaster. What is LO going through exactly? Combined, the ladies here have been through just about everything.

    Most of our birth stories are on the Preemie Blog as PP mentioned.


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