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I am new to parenting & a single mom. My DD is 2 months old. I live at home with my mom, and her dad and I have a fairly civil relationship for the most part. We decided not to make a visitation schedule & just do what worked for us, which has worked until recently. Now I am here to ask you wonderful ladies for advice because some days (like today) when I try to set up a visit time, he has better things to do, like hanging out with the guys & then calls at like 8 wanting us to come over (he wont come to us). I dont think its fair that we have to stay out late on weekends (we do on weekday visits cause he works) just because she isnt the best offer during the day. Am I wrong?

Now to my real question, what is fair visitation for a 2 month old? I know everyone is different, so im looking for ideas :). She is BF & I am not ready to leave her yet, which he is okay with.. Any suggestions would be great!


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