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Fever 100.4

Hey, my preemie has been in NICU (32 wks gestation) for 2 weeks. I went and saw him during his touch time at 8am, but my husband handled him so I didn't touch him. After getting home about 11:30am, I started to get chills and achiness like the flu and my temp shot up. I'm pumping milk, is it safe while I have fever? And is Tylenol safe while pumping milk to lower my temp? I'm going to call NICU in a few mins and ask them. 

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  • Your milk is perfectly fine...it will actually contain extra immunities if you are sick. Tylenol is fine to take while pumping. Hope you feel better quickly.
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  • Yup, what PP said - your body makes antibodies for LO to fight whatever you have. The biggest downer is that it will keep you out of NICU :( I'm so sorry! I hope it passes very quickly!
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