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simpathy symtoms

So do any of you get/or had the same symptoms as your SO? I swear in the second trimester when she was eating everything in site I was starving. But now that we are in the third and her stomach has no room she only eats little bits and I have no appetite.
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Re: simpathy symtoms

  • My wife and I had our baby boy Aug.19 2011 but during her pregnancy I had all the symptoms from being emotional, cravings and sleepiness.

  • I feel like I have been having an aversion to alcohol/my body is pissed if I have a beer.   3 times in a row I had just a beer with a meal and felt terrible afterwards Nd even into the next day.   I don't think anything else yet but I'm sure more will come.  This is something that really interests me so it is cool to hear stories.
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  • I've had several strange baby-related dreams. I seemed to have a bigger appetite for awhile, but thats subsided. The most annoying one that hasn't gone away is that I am waking in the middle of the night to pee still... :/
  • I had a headache all day yesterday and have not been sleeping well. But I am not 100% convinced it is sympathy symptoms. I did however tell my wife that I was totally planning on putting on a few pounds of sympathy weight.

    She was not amused.

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