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Best formula for gas and reflux?

I'm so hesitant to switch formulas because I don't want to make my baby's tummy any more upset, but I think we might have to.

Its not during every feeding, but at least a couple times a day where he cries during and after his feeding, arches his back, screams while we try to burp, and grunts like crazy. Everything I have read says that this is reflux, which is painful to him. :(

He is on Enfamil Newborn. What kind do you suggest we switch to from this? 

Also, any tips on making the transition as easy as possible?

Thank you!

Re: Best formula for gas and reflux?

  • I would try Similac Sensitive and if you haven't already, switch to a bottle for sensitive tummies.  Dr. Brown's and Tommee Tippee are both recommended by my pedi for gassy babies.
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  • I started using the Similac Sensitive for some of the same reasons and my son just didn't like made his spit up situation worse, so I use the Enfamil gentlease now and he loves it...unfortunately it's kind of trial and error.
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  • My son was born in February and at first I tried nursing but he would have a difficult time latching..I started him on Enfamil A+ and noticed that he would arch his back, cry or throw up the formula.  I was told that he probably had reflux and to switch to a lower iron formula.  I think there's an Enfamil lower iron which would be easy to switch to. We use Parent's Choice lower iron formula from Walmart because it has the same nutrients/vitamins as the other stuff but is a lot more affordable. In addition my son was put on a liquid form of Zantac for about 6 weeks and is doing great since.  We still have him on the lower iron formula.

    Good luck -- I know how difficult it can be to calm/help/comfort a baby with reflux! Hope this helps you. :)
  • mcleremclere member

    I'd look into and research Gerber Genlte. That's what I just switched my LO to almost a week ago. She was on Enfamil Newborn, AR & Infant. Non of these seemed to work for her and they made her SO gassy even with drops. I don't think those work IMO. Reason I didn't go with Similac or Gentlease was becasue they contain corn syrup and it's the FIRST ingredient I wasn't liking that.

    I was also worried about just switching over but she has never had a problem. Someone else mentioned to me it's no different than when they begin eating different foods at different meals they aren't like dogs (as they put it lol). Unless it's just the formula itself not working for them.

    All you can do is try and I'd say give it a full 2 weeks and note any changes. best of luck I hope you can find the right formula. I know as parents all we want is the very best for out LO's. GL!

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  • I wish there was an easy answer her but each baby is so different and though the formulas claim to be the same they are not. My DD was on Similac Advance from the hospital and was very gassy so our pedi suggested similac sensitive. We tried that but she would drink that like no tomorrow, and the gas continued and she began spitting up and had constipation. We were then told to try Enfamil Gentlease (thats what we fed our son with no issues) but it seemed to make her gas ever worse and her poop was green..greasy...and foul I mean foul then we were suggested to try Enfamil Prosobee and that is what we are currently on. She has been on it for a few weeks now and is doing so much better! Our Pedi thinks she has a cows milk protein sensitivity and possible reflux. We saw a change immediately with this formula. She is still gassy but not nearly as much and she passes it with no issues. Babies are just gassy but they shouldnt be affected by it. She doesnt really spit up, the only downside is that it is rather binding so I have started her on a pro biotic which is amazing! It has helped out with the gas aswell!! I use Dr. Browns bottles and burp her frequently...not only during feedings..Basically its trail and error with formula, each baby will take to different ones. Good Luck!
  • I just posted about my son possibly having reflux but this post has helped a lot. I think I'm going to talk to his pedi and see if I can switch his formula and ask about reflux. Currently he's on Similac advance (also started at hospital) I'm so curious to see if just switching his formula helps. He's also gassy and constipated along with all his other symptoms.

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  • L started on similac advanced. She was horribly gassy and pooped every other day, huge watery blow outs. She also has silent reflux. She's on enfamil nutramigen. We also tried prosobee but that made her constipated and even gassier. The nutramigen has a probiotic built in so it helps, the formula is hypoallergenic and the milk proteins are already broken down. It has helped but she is still gassy. She also gets gas drops in every bottle.  

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • It is trial and error. Similac sensitive worked for us, but it took some experimenting. The Dr. said just don't switch formulas more than once in a two week period, can make current issues worse.
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