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I'm so sorry to hear that your lil guy got Pertussis :(  My DD got it at 4 months old, only a short while after coming home from the NICU.  I am now a Spokesmom for Pertussis awareness.  You can check out the website at: http://www.soundsofpertussis.com/

I submitted our story on the website, they contacted me right away and we went from there sharing our story! You should check it out and get your story out there as well!  I hope your lil guy feels better soon.


Hypothyroid since 2006-Cycle #25-IUI #4 with Gonal F/Ovidrel/Progesterone=BFP/1st u/s=TWINS!*Twin A-Hannah lost @21w3d, Twin B-born at 27w3d due to PTL weighing 2 lbs!

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