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If you've had a post-op visit after D&C

What can I expect? I go in for mine on Tuesday and have no idea if it will be just a general check up, or if they will have any answers on my miscarried baby. Hopefully I will find out SOMETHING regarding that. Do they do more blood work on me? Thanks for any answers... I feel clueless on this right now. 

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  • Hi im so sorry for your loss;(

    I'm in Canada so the follow up may be different in the States but for my appointment which was a week after my d &c, my doctor asked me questions about how the surgery went and asked questions about my bleeding and if I was still cramping. She told me the dont's until I get my AF ( Like no tampons or sex for 2 weeks after d&c, to use protection until after our first cycle etc.) We also had a heart to heart and I told her how depressed I'd been feeling over our loss and she suggested I go to some councelling. I have another follow up appointment in 5 weeks and by then I should have had my first AF post d&c and she wants to follow up to see how Im feeling and coping. She told me I would't need blood work unless my AF doesn't come I think she said around 6 weeks past d &c.  They will only have answers on what happened to your miscarried baby if they test the chromosones. I know here in Canada they don't usually test unless you've had more than 3 miscarriages in a row. Ive had one loss but I begged and pleaded and they agreed to do the testing. I should get the results back end of July.

    Hope this helps, good luck.


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  • Hello. I too am so sorry to hear about your loss. I just had my post-op check-up a week ago today, five weeks after my D&C for a missed miscarriage (found out at 12 weeks that the baby stopped progressing at 8w4d). Two weeks before the appointment my doctor had called to tell me what they had found from the testing done on tissue taken from the D&C. In my case, it was something we had arranged and agreed on before the D&C, that they would do some testing (due to two previous miscarriages, 8 years ago). Basically, for us, the testing didn't tell us too much...a healthy 46xx (girl) but, really, kind of inconclusive because those cells tested could have been mine.

    Anyhow, at the actual appointment, my doctor asked how I was feeling, if I'd gotten AF yet, any pain...the usual questions you'd expect. He also did an internal pelvic exam to see that the uterus had gone back down to regular size and to check that all "looked good". Then we talked about when it would be safe to try again. Surprisingly, he gave me the okay for after my next cycle. We also talked about my previous miscarriage history and if that means I need to start seeking some infertility treatment (he thought not quite yet unless I have another loss due to the reason for my previous miscarriages and the fact that I was able to have two healthy kids between the those and my last loss). 

    All in all, it was a reassuring visit with all of my questions answered, for now. Now I'm just waiting for AF...which maybe have, maybe not...I can't tell.  :/

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  • So sorry for your loss.

    I had my follow-up appointment about two weeks after my D&C.  Despite the reason I was seeing the doctor, it was actually a great visit.  Instead of seeing my regular OB, I made an appointment with the doctor who actually did my D&C - which was emergency due to excessive hemorrage. I had been slightly upset with my care from my regular OB, so I guess that I was super lucky to see an amazing doctor when I was in the ER.

    The appointment was mostly a conversation, no exam, we talked about what I had gone through, important to know I didn't cause this, it wasn't my fault.  The fetal tissue had been tested and there were no abnormalities.  Also no sex until I got a negative pregnancy test and/or hcg below 6.  She also said while she would recommend a full cycle (2 AF's) before getting pregnant, if we got pregnant after one it was absolutely fine.  We also talked about a plan moving forward if/when I was able to conceive again.  I visited the lab for some bloodwork - hcg and hemoglobin and have had a few more hcg draws since. 

    Pretty much that was it.  Since everything happened pretty fast with my loss and D&C it was really good to be able to talk things through with the doctor.  It made me realize how important it is to have a doctor that you genuinely like and trust.  

    I hope you have a good follow-up appointment! 

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