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XP: NT scan results...

So...I saw my OB on Tuesday and got the NT scan results. It is just from first blood draw and scan.

Based on just the blood draw and my age alone, my risk for a child with Down's Syndrome was 1 in 141. When they added the scan to it, my risk factor improved to 1 in 284. That cuts my risk about in half, but still leaves me in the "increased risk" category. The doctor said that he was less concerned because the risk was cut way down with the scan. He said the inital numbers were that low based on my age (I'm 38). He said the decision to go with an amnio is up to my husband and I. He said he couldn't tell us what to do, but he and the genetic counselor agree that they don't know if they would rush into it. Doctor did tell me if it were 1 in 300 that the risk would have been "no risk" rather than "increased risk."

 My husband doesn't want the amnio. He says we are close enough to that 1 in 300 that he doesn't want to risk any complication. He also says we wouldn't love this child any less if it were the case that the child had Down's Syndrome. I agree 100% but I can't shake the feeling that maybe we should do amnio. To be prepared?

The rational side of my brain knows that this is just a "risk factor" and there is a good chance that our child will be perfectly fine. I have my genetic scan in 3 weeks.  

I know we need to make the decision, but I'm curious to hear what others would do?

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Re: XP: NT scan results...

  • I'm with your husband. 1 in 284 means there is just a .35% chance your baby has Down's Syndrome. I think, for me, that would be enough to give me comfort.
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  • Ask if they can do a level 2 NT scan. I had my original scan and blood work at 11w but also had a second scan/blood work at 15w. (I am high risk because of age and history and had this done at MFM specialist.) There are also other non-invasive tests that you can try before going to the invasive. My chances for DS went from 1:600 with the first test to 1:2600 with the second.
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  • I'm a little behind you weeks wise but anticipate being in a similar position as you in about a month because I am 42.  I'm still trying to understand all of the possible tests to choose from.  You said you have a genetic scan in 3 weeks.  What is this scan?

    Also, are your test results based on the blood test MaterniT21?  If not, that may be an option for you and help put your mind at ease if your husband is concerned about possible complications from an amnio.  My understanding is that it is not a diagnostic test like an amnio but can provide more accurate statistics than other blood tests.  I believe it can be done as early as 10 weeks but don't know if there is a cutoff time period.  Hopefully, someone on here who has more information on it will chime in. 

    Good luck with your decision.   

  • I have my scan in 2 weeks. I wasn't even going to get the scan because we decided in the beginning we wouldn't do amnio or cvs since there is a risk to the baby and we won't abort. Then I decided I wanted to get the NT scan to see the babies in detail. If I am an increased risk, and it does happen, I won't be totally knocked off my rocker. I would have an idea that it could happen.

     Yea it is just a factor and you could have nothing wrong. I have a friend who lost her baby shortly after her amnio. So that scared me to death. Either way, it is up to you, do you need a difinitive answer? If not, they why take the risk of the amnio. If you need one, then do it.

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  • Personally based on those odds, I would not do the amnio. My blood work result from my NT was 1:41 risk and at my age of 40 my overall risk was 1:74. I had the amnio and the results came back fine. I guess I had a certain number in my head that I would not have any additional testing. My number was too close for comfort. BUT in the end it is your decision. Good luck!


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    My numbers were 1:270 after the NT but went down to 1:4,500 after the AFP so we skipped the amnio. You could try that?
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