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Storing formula question

Hello, I just began supplementing with formula. If my LO doesn't finish her bottle, can I keep the remaining ounces for a later feeding or do I have to throw out? If I can keep, do I put in fridge? TIA!
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Re: Storing formula question

  • You need to throw it out.  I will keep a BM bottle in the fridge if it's not finished and offer it one more time, but not a formula bottle. 

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    Once baby has started eating from that bottle, it has to be consumed within 1 hour or it has to be thrown out.

    If you mix formula ahead of time (ie, mix up 2 or 3 different bottles with 2 ounces in each, for example) it has to be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours of being mixed. 

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  • It can be mixed and left untouched outside of the fridge for 2 hours and only good for 1 hour after it has touched baby lips. 
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