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LO hasn't pooped since yesterday...

She only had two BM's yesterday and has not pooped at all today. Should I be worried? However, she has peed a ton! Lots and lots of peeps (that what I call em)

I am exhausted and have so many unanswered questions. I was adopted at 6 weeks old so my mom never had a newborn and it was so long ago that she really doesn't know. My friends have not started having babies yet, so this is my only resource. 

Re: LO hasn't pooped since yesterday...

  • I asked the doc this today because LO only poops about 2 times a day (she is FF).  She said it was normal and that LO can even go a day or 2 without pooping and it is ok.
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  • lindy27lindy27
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    I have heard at that age if they go 3 days without a poop you should call.  You can always call your pediatrician if you are worried.
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  • Nope. EBF babies can go 7+ days without pooping and totally normal. There isn't much waste to breastmilk.

    FF babies can go 4+ days before I'd call a dr.  My LO poops once/day, maybe once every other day and that's just his normal.

  • DrRxDrRx
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    As long as when she does poop it isn't hard pellets, you're fine.  Adalyn will sometimes go a day or 2 without pooping and then have a blow-out.  Sometimes she will just have 1 big poop a day.  Other times she will have a bunch of little poops.

    Wow.  I can't believe how many times I've used the word poops in this post! :) 

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  • I was told to call if 4 days. Dd is BF and FF.  

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  • ARenee3ARenee3
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    My baby was pooping about 5 times a day (watery newborn mustard poop) until Monday, when she only pooped 2 or 3 times. Tuesday she didn't poop at all, and I was really freaked out. Yesterday morning I was holding her and she had the most tremendous blow-out ever. Poop EVERYWHERE. I mean, there was so much, in combination with pee, that it came out of her diaper and covered her dress and my lap.

    I did notice that her poop was now more solid, like very soft peanut butter oozing out instead of liquid. Today we had another large amount, though not quite as much and not resulting in a blow-out. But I think she's made the shift to one big BM once a day or even less frequently, and I figure her poop will continue to get more solid.



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  • eav2ceav2c
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    Some BF babies can go 7-10 days without a poop. My pedi recommended that you can stick their thermometer up their bum and they should go... but that is only if it has been awhile and they seem overly cranky about not going. 
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